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General Knowledge Quiz with Answers 

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Let’s imagine a teacher wants to check the students’ general knowledge with the common knowledge questions. But how to do it in a way that can be engaging and interactive? Surely, they can do it with an online general knowledge quiz. There are various basic knowledge quiz on the internet, but if you want to create your own, this article is for you, as here you can find general knowledge quiz questions. More than 50 general knowledge questions with answers are listed in this article, so there is no need to look for various sources to find the questions that are needed for your general knowledge trivia. We did it for you! 

Take a look at the general knowledge quiz questions and choose the ones that can interest your audience. Whether you want to create an easy general knowledge quiz with answers or a difficult one, there are questions for all kinds of free general knowledge quiz. 

60 general knowledge questions with answers

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. What is the largest lake in the world? 

a) Caspian sea

b) Baikal

в) Superior

d) Michigan

Correct Answer: b) Baikal

2. Who wrote the “War and Peace”?

a) Fyodor Dostoevsky

b) Leo Tolstoy

c) Alexander Solzhenitsyn

d) Ivan Turgenev

Correct answer: b) Leo Tolstoy

3. Which chemical element is represented by the symbol “Fe”?

a) Oxygen

b) Iron

c) Silver

d) Lead

Correct answer: b) Iron

4. What is the capital of Sweden?

a) Oslo

b) Stockholm

c) Helsinki

d) Copenhagen

Correct answer: b) Stockholm

5. Who created the character of Harry Potter?

a) George R.R. Martin

b) Stephen King

c) JK Rowling

d) John Tolkien

Correct answer: c) JK Rowling

6. What animal is the symbol of the USA?

a) Eagle

b) Bear

c) Falcon

d) Lion

Correct answer: a) Eagle

7. What chemical element forms the basis of the ozone layer?

a) Oxygen

b) Carbon

c) Nitrogen

d) Helium

Correct answer: a) Oxygen

8. Which river is the longest in the world?

a) Amazon

b) Neil

c) Yangtze

d) Mississippi

Correct answer: a) Amazon

9. Which country is the largest by territory in the world?

a) China

b) Canada

in Russia

d) USA

Correct answer: c) Russia

10. Who invented the telephone?

a) Alexander Graham Bell

b) Thomas Edison

c) Nikola Tesla

d) Guglielmo Marconi

Correct answer: a) Alexander Graham Bell

11. Which planet is considered the hottest in the solar system?

a) Mercury

b) Venus

c) Mars

d) Jupiter

Correct answer: b) Venus

12. Who is printed on $100?

a) Abraham Lincoln

b) George Washington

c) Benjamin Franklin

d) Thomas Jefferson

Correct answer: c) Benjamin Franklin

13. Which canal connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea?

a) Suez Canal

b) Grand Canal

c) Panama Canal

d) Saimaa Channel

Correct answer: a) Suez Canal

14. Who wrote “The Master and Margarita”?

a) Fyodor Dostoevsky

b) Vladimir Nabokov

c) Mikhail Bulgakov

d) Ivan Bunin

Correct answer: c) Mikhail Bulgakov

15. What mathematical symbol represents infinity?

a) ∞

b) ∆

c) Π

d) √

Correct answer: a) ∞

16. In what year did the First World War begin?

a) 1912

b) 1914

c) 1916

d) 1918

Correct answer: b) 1914

17. What is the name of the largest planet in the solar system?

a) Mercury

b) Mars

c) Jupiter

d) Saturn

Correct answer: c) Jupiter

18. Which city is the capital of Japan?

a) Osaka

b) Kyoto

c) Tokyo

d) Hiroshima

Correct answer: c) Tokyo

19. Which planet is considered “red”?

a) Mars

b) Venus

c) Mercury

d) Jupiter

Correct answer: a) Mars

20. Which chemical element is represented by the symbol “Na”?

a) Sulfur

b) Sodium

c) Neon

d) Nickel

Correct answer: b) Sodium

21. What is the name of the longest river in Africa?

a) Volta

b) Congo

c) Neil

d) Orange

Correct answer: c) Neil

22. Which country is the homeland of the Barcelona football club?

a) Italy

b) Spain

c) England

d) France

Correct answer: b) Spain

23. What is the name of the sea that surrounds Australia?

a) Indian

b) Mediterranean

c) Caribbean

d) Coral

Correct answer: d) Coral

24. How many bones are there typically in the human body?

a) About 100

b) About 200

c) About 300

d) About 400

Correct answer: b) About 200

25. Which planet in the solar system is known for its rings?

a) Mars

b) Saturn

c) Uranus

d) Neptune

Correct answer: b) Saturn

26. What is the name of the famous area of New York, which is also the financial center of the United States?

a) Brooklyn

b) Manhattan

c) Queens

d) Bronx

Correct answer: b) Manhattan

27. Who wrote the “Pride and Prejudice”?

a) Jane Austen

b) Emily Bronte

c) Charlotte Bronte

d) Louisa May Alcott

Correct answer: a) Jane Austen

28. Which chemical element is represented by the symbol “H”?

a) Helium

b) Hydrogen

c) Helium

d) Hafnium

Correct answer: b) Hydrogen

29. Which country is the smallest in area in the world?

a) Vatican

b) Monaco

c) Nauru

d) Malta

Correct answer: a) Vatican

30. What gas makes up most of the Earth’s atmosphere?

a) Oxygen

b) Hydrogen

c) Nitrogen

d) Carbon dioxide

Correct answer: c) Nitrogen

31. Which element forms the basis of hydrogen and oxygen?

a) Hydrogen

b) Nitrogen

c) Carbon

d) Helium

Correct answer: c) Carbon

32. What is the name of the tallest mountain in Africa?

a) Kilimanjaro

b) Elbrus

c) Makalu

d) Everest

Correct answer: a) Kilimanjaro

33. What mathematical symbol is used to represent the square root?

a) √

b) π

c) ∞

d) Δ

Correct answer: a) √

34. Who invented the first steam engine?

a) James Watt

b) Alexander Graham Bell

c) Thomas Edison

d) Henry Ford

Correct answer: a) James Watt

35. Which element forms the basis of the ozone layer in the atmosphere?

a) Oxygen

b) Carbon

c) Nitrogen

d) Ozone

Correct answer: a) Oxygen

36. What is the name of the river in Paris?

a) Sena

b) Thames

c) Rhine

d) Volga

Correct answer: a) Sena

37. What is the name of the largest mammal on Earth?

a) Blue whale

b) Elephant

c) African elephant

d) Navy seal

Correct answer: a) Blue whale

38. What is the scientific study of the past through artefacts, remains, and historical records called?

a) Geology

b) Paleontology

c) Archeology

d) Astronomy

Correct answer: c) Archeology

39. Which animal is the national symbol of Australia?

a) Kangaroo

b) Koala

c) Wombat

d) Emu

Correct answer: a) Kangaroo

40. In what country is Machu Picchu located?

a) Brazil

b) Colombia

c) Peru

d) Chile

Correct answer: c) Peru

41. In what year was the United Nations (UN) founded?

a) 1945

b) 1950

c) 1960

d) 1970

Correct answer: a) 1945

42. What year is considered the beginning of the New Millennium?

a) 1999

b) 2000

c) 2001

d) 2010

Correct answer: c) 2001

43. Which organ of the human body is responsible for producing insulin?

a) Liver

b) Kidneys

c) Pancreas

d) Spleen

Correct answer: c) Pancreas

44. Which of the following letters is not a Roman numeral?

a) X

b) L

c) C

d) Z

Correct answer: d) Z

45. Which of the following books was written by Dante Alighieri?

a) “Crime and Punishment”

b) “The Divine Comedy”

c) “Les Miserables”

d) “War and Peace”

Correct answer: b) “The Divine Comedy”

46. Which of the following US presidents was the first African American?

a) George Washington

b) Abraham Lincoln

c) John Kennedy

d) Barack Obama

Correct answer: d) Barack Obama

47. What chemical is found in most fruit flavours?

a) Limonin

b) Essential oil

c) Ascorbic acid

d) Ethanol

Correct answer: b) Essential oil

48. What is the name of the capital of South Korea?

a) Busan

b) Seoul

c) Incheon

d) Daegu

Correct answer: b) Seoul

49. Who wrote the novel “1984”?

a) Ernest Hemingway

b) Albert Camus

c) George Orwell

d) Ray Bradbury

Correct answer: c) George Orwell

50. Which city is the capital of Greece?

a) Thessaloniki

b) Patras

c) Athens

d) Corfu

Correct answer: c) Athens

51. What is the unit of time equal to 60 minutes called?

a) Hour

b) Second

c) Minute

d) Week

Correct answer: a) Hour

52. In what year did the USA declare its independence?

a) 1776

b) 1789

c) 1801

d) 1812

Correct answer: a) 1776

53. What is the name of the largest lake in Africa?

a) Turkana

b) Chad

c) Malawi

d) Victoria

Correct answer: d) Victoria

54. What metal is the most common on Earth?

a) Iron

b) Aluminum

c) Copper

d) Tin

Correct answer: a) Iron

55. What is the name of the language of the ancient Romans?

a) Greek

b) Latin

c) Sanskrit

d) Finnish

Correct answer: b) Latin

56. In what year was America discovered?

a) 1492

b) 1500

c) 1526

d) 1550

Correct answer: a) 1492

57. In what year did World War II end?

a) 1943

b) 1945

c) 1947

d) 1950

Correct answer: b) 1945

58. Who wrote “Romeo and Juliet”?

a) William Shakespeare

b) Oscar Wilde

c) Jane Austen

d) Fyodor Dostoevsky

Correct answer: a) William Shakespeare

59. In what year did Challenger first launch into space?

a) 1983

b) 1969

c) 1975

d) 1986

Correct answer: a) 1983

60. What is the name of the longest river in Russia?

a) Volga

b) Amazon

c) Neil

d) Yangtze

Correct answer: a) Volga

To Sum Up!

All the general knowledge quiz questions listed in this article will help you to create general knowledge trivia for your website visitors. Engage them with fun and interactive quizzes and give them the opportunity to check their general knowledge with the help of the general knowledge quiz questions. 

The 60 general knowledge questions with answers are ready to be included on your quiz. Take them and create the best general knowledge quiz on the internet. 

Angelina enjoys writing and finds joy in sharing helpful information through her writing. She loves to write articles that are easy to read as she believes everyone should be able to understand and enjoy what they read.

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